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Programs & Fees

International Camp Staff Packages

First Time International Camp Counselors:
First Time International Camp Support Staff:
Returning or Direct Placement Camp Counselors:
From $375.
Returning or Direct Placement Camp Support Staff:
From $450.

Our fee for Direct Placements and returners can be charged to Participants or to Camp, depending on your preferences, but there are no other fees charges to either party by 3 Adventures. SEVIS of $35 is included.  Please indicate on your agreement who will be paying for Direct Placements and returners.

We Strongly reccommend camps have returner and direct placement applicants pay for their processing.  If for any reason, these applicants withdraw after processing, the fees are still payable

There is no refund for Direct Placements and Returners due to the fact the applicants have not been directly recruited and managed by our team, and often direct placement applicants drop out after processing leaving camp with the bill.


Once we have an agreement in place, we will give you access to our searchable database of vetted, interviewed and background checked applicants.

All of our services Includes:

  • J1 Visa
  • Insurance
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Recruitment, Orientation, Placement and Customer Service
  • Site Visits where permittable.

Camps and Participants negotiate summer salary independently and Participants will make their own travel arrangements. 3 Adventures will support camp staff in their travel logistics.  We do require a minimum salary of $1600.

Minimum Wage Laws

3 Adventures are aware that in certain states, camps are required to pay support staff a minimum wage.  In order to help camps with this increase in costs, 3 Adventures adjusts its fees to help make this more affordable.

For more information on placing returning, direct placement or new international staff, please contact us at info@3adventures.com or Call our US Office now to speak to our team: 888-724-4292 ext 1.